Ramon International Insurance Brokers, Inc. has been in business for over 31 years. We have direct contracts with the world’s largest insurance carriers. This requires in-depth qualifications and regulations on a yearly basis.

Ramon Inc. is known for having the fastest turnaround in the industry. It typically takes about 15 minutes to generate a policy for shipments booked the same day. Our friendly staff will give you the personal attention required to ensure your policy covers your needs without hassle. The representative that provides your quote will be available to discuss and assist with your submission process.

Every client receives a detailed explanation of how to submit a claim alongside their coverage. You do NOT need to deal with a 3rd party. We have an in-house representative available to assist you in collecting all the necessary documents required by the adjustor. We strive to go above and beyond handling each claim to your satisfaction. Our sophisticated system will provide claim status upon request.

The booking process is very easy. We have several speedy online portals geared to make your experience as simple as and as easy as possible. You do not need to be highly computer savvy to book and pay via our online portals. We accept payment via check, credit card or by wire.

Since we don’t work with 3rd parties, there are no fees or markups that other companies typically add to your premium. Our clients receive net rates and direct wholesale prices from the insurer.

Any individual needing last-minute insurance for a shipment departing within 1 hour can book via our online portal. Our list of clients includes many multinational companies, freight brokers, logistics companies, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers/exporters, trucking companies, retailers, individuals, custom brokers, producers, etc.

Our limit per policy is $15 million on any single truck, vessel, or aircraft. We insure $3 billion in freight/cargo per year transported both nationwide and worldwide.

The most common type of coverage we offer is All Risk. All Risk coverage is universal coverage for commercial goods in transit. This will cover against any damage (total or partial) from a physical external cause including shortage, theft, and catastrophe such as breakage, fire, water, or impact.

The least common type of coverage we offer is Total Loss. Used goods are typically offered Total Loss coverage. Though rarely used, we still offer this type of coverage to our clients and are happy to explain it in detail. Total Loss is restricted coverage, covering against total loss. It covers only in the case that the whole shipment/consignment is a complete and total loss.

The process begins with a conversation with our representative, followed by a quote explaining the type of coverage, goods insured, total insured value & deductible, and the details of the shipment. After sending the quote, our representative follows up with a phone call to ensure you received the quote and that you understand everything listed. Our customers are always well-informed about the type of coverage they are purchasing.

Some clients find our site by searching Google for cargo insurance. While we are glad Google is an avenue enabling new clients to discover us, we remind first-time customers that Google is not a regulatory organization. Anyone/everyone can create a website to sell services via the internet. Insurance is highly regulated and, like doctors/lawyers, proper licenses are required. We encourage clients to exercise caution when requesting quotes from a “business” listed on Google. Clients should always personally verify the physical address and license posted any website of an insurance brokers.