Ramon – The Leading Provider of Cargo & Freight Insurance Since 1982

The Company:

30yearsIncorporated and licensed in February of 1982, Ramon International is directed and managed by Iris Arden, who’s licensed in EVERY state and transacts insurance INTERNATIONALLY.

Iris Arden has over 20 years of experience in the high tech and insurance industries. She is known worldwide for her unique and creative entrepreneurship and serves as an expert advisor in the industry. Iris Arden has been the only individual to be granted underwriting authority on behalf of world’s leading insurance companies. She is fully involved in all aspects of the company’s operations such as accounts enrollment, quality control, and claims control. Ms. Arden pioneered the revolutionary process of allowing clients to issue their own certificates via online programming. As the first company to allow client access, Ramon International has created a sophisticated and user-friendly system. Ramon International has grown to include a network of well-known companies around the world. The company insures various types of cargo including special risk, high risk and high valued on deck shipments. In addition, Ramon International offers excellent customer service that is highly responsive to client needs and inquires.

The Technology:

Ramon, Inc. has developed a state of the art technology to process its online insurance policies and monitor the activity of its clients. Written in .Net, this technology serves all “participants” in real time, allowing up to the minute monitoring of sold policies.

The Management:

Iris Arden brings her extensive experience in management, sales, and business development in the insurance, high tech and internet industries to Ramon International. Her career started with a high tech company that was sold to Lucent Technologies for 5.4 billion. She implemented various successful strategies that generated millions in sales. In addition, she was instrumental in designing various projects for Ramon International, which further led to an impressive increase of the agency’s revenues.

The Book of Business:

Our book of business shows an increase of 25% in revenues each year for the past 5 years. Despite the recession, we have kept our current clientele and added a substantial amount of business, insuring companies nationwide and worldwide. We are known for our unique, personal, competitive, and all-around excellent customer service worldwide. During 2019 we insured $15 Billion in commercial goods shipped both nationally and internationally. We are the only insurance broker in the U.S.A. to act as an underwriting and risk management company, with increasing underwriting authority to insure on behalf of the world’s largest insurance companies.