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What is Cargo Insurance?

Cargo Insurance is a policy that protects cargo if it is damaged or lost while in transit from one destination to another. The purpose of such a policy is to provide the insured party or individual with reimbursement should the cargo not arrive safely to its destination. Cargo insurance policies can apply to air, marine, or land shipments and cover an extensive list of products such as automobiles, computer equipment, hydraulic equipment, pharmaceutical products and even household goods. Certain products can also be excluded.

As a result, the price of of cargo insurance depends on the type of cargo being shipped; however, this is not the only factor. The origin and destination, method of transport and packing information also contribute significantly to premium that is charged for cargo insurance. For example, there might be a significant difference in shipping a vehicle from one country to another if it is containerized or sent RoRo (roll on roll off) on a vessel. Naturally a containerized shipment is much more secure and the premium (or deductible) would be considerably less.

There are two major categories of of cargo insurance. The first is for All Risk which covers damage from physical, external cause including partial damage, catastrophe and theft. The other is Total Loss which covers against total loss catastrophe of an entire shipment. Both coverages can be purchased on a shipment by shipment basis or as an annual policy for a year round coverage. In addition, in certain cases banks require insurance certificates as letters of credit in order to allow the cargo to move from one destination to another. The cargo cannot be shipped unless this document is obtained. Essentially it allows.

As we can see, cargo insurance is an indispensable part of shipping cargo. All owners of cargo are much better off insuring their shipments before they move to protect themselves against any type of damage that may occur. It is highly recommended that all owners of cargo purchase insurance before moving their shipments.

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