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What is Cargo Insurance?

Cargo insurance, freight insurance, rider insurance, shipping insurance and marine insurance are types of insurance policies you can purchase to protect against loss of or damage to your goods while they are being transported from origin to destination via truck, ocean vessel, rail or commercial aircraft. These policies are meant to indemnify you if there is any loss or damage to your cargo. Cargo insurance would cover the goods while they are being transported by sea, air and land. Our wide range of clients enjoy the options of purchasing shipping insurance (freight insurance) for any mode of transport, marine insurance for goods transported by ocean, truck insurance for domestic transport, rider insurance for trucking and freight brokers and air cargo insurance for goods transport by air.

Although the term “marine cargo insurance” is sometimes used, it actually includes cover for the land transit commencing from the moment the goods leave storage up until they arrive at the final warehouse. This policy is usually offered to companies such as freight forwarders, distributers, manufacturers, logistics, importers and exporters.

What coverage is available?

All Risk – Covers the goods against damage (partial or total) from physical and external cause including theft, and catastrophe. This is the highest coverage on the policy and will protect the goods while in transit for any physical external cause damage. Total Loss – As the name suggests, this policy covers against total loss/catastrophe of entire shipment. This policy does not cover the goods against partial loss.

How much cargo insurance do I need to buy?

The standard practice is to cover the invoice cost of the cargo being shipped, plus freight costs, plus a percentage to cover any additional expenses associated with the shipping cost (normally 10% to 20% is adequate).

Shipments can be insured instantly, electronically, issued online or reported weekly or by your company. This way, unlike property policies, the cargo policy can be issued on a “pay-as-you-go” basis. Annual policies are also available for heavy volume activity.

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